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  U.S. Tactical Control is a privately owned corporation dedicated to expanding the personal defense knowledge, awareness and survival skills of American Citizens.  We know that trying to raise a family in a world filled with chaos is a tough job.  Let U.S. Tactical Control help to prepare you and your family for dangerous situations/catastrophic events.  Our courses are designed to be a fun, educational way to train and prepare people of all ages and skill levels for deadly situations that are currently happening more and more frequently in America. From commonalities to more extreme situations you may have never even considered, we will guide you on the path to preparedness. Perhaps you are just an average person simply concerned about defending your family in the event of a home invasion, or maybe you are troubled by the rising amount of "active shooter" incidents.  Whatever your needs, we have something for you.

*(U.S. Tactical's Civilian Courses are completely empty-handed.  We do however, recommend gun training and certification to all of our clients and occasionally organize special "in Network" training and shooting events. U.S. Tactical is happy to assist you with locating a professional facility, or gun club near your area to help get you started, or to fine tune your skills).*


U.S. Tactical Course List
(All course prices are per person)

Urban Survival

3 Hour Classes

Level I.  Active Shooter Training

(for Unarmed Civilians) - $150

Level II.  Active Shooter Training

(Business Professionals and Teachers) - $175

Level III.  Active Shooter Simulation 

*Live staged scenario* (Advanced Training for Individuals who wish to take training to the next level). Protective gear provided. (15 person minimum participants for all private group sessions) - $825 per person


Tactical Control LRT

3 Hour Classes

LRT  I.   Last Resort Tactical Firearm Disarms. 

Basic - Intermediate First Person Disarms  - $150

LRT  II.   Advanced Last Resort Tactical Disarms. 

Advanced First Person & Intro to Third Party Disarms - $175

LRT  III.  Expert Last Resort Gun Disarms. 

Executioner Disarms and Multiple Shooters - $200

LRT  IV.  The Last Stand. 

Empty-Handed & Knife Lethal Force Techniques - $250

*All participants interested in LRT level IV. must be interviewed, screened and participate in LRT levels I. - III. to qualify for level IV eligibility. Background Check Required.


  (The following Level I and II classes in 'The Sentinel Curriculum' are geared toward individuals that are concerned about the legal ramifications of personal defense.  These courses are excellent for those interested, or actively involved in Security, Law Enforcement, Executive Close Protection and also, Private Citizens wanting to take their training to a higher level of understanding and effectiveness). 

*Disclaimer: The following classes teach high pain compliance tactics*

The Sentinel

3 Hour Classes

Level I.   Manipulation & Strategy 

(Proper use of Pressure Points, Joint Locks and Stuns)  - $150

Level II.  Forced Compliance 

(Soft Hand Diffusion and Escorts) - $175

Level III. Escape & Evasion 

(How to Escape Being Bound and Elude Your Pursuers...Wilderness & Urban) - $200

Level IV.  Ghosting 

(Tips and Tricks on how to truly disappear off the grid and never be found) - $225

Level V.   Introduction to Close Protection 

(The Tactics, Mind-Set, Required Skill Truth of Body Guarding) 4 hours - $325


*ALL NEW - Self Protection Blast Off!*

"The Rocket" - $350

6 Hour Class

  "The Rocket" is a Specialized Blast Off Course into the world of Hyper Awareness.  Study 'True Personal Defense' in its entirety with U.S. Tac.  This course takes all the aspects of Personal & Family Protection and breaks them down into highly simplified, easy to learn sections that you will enjoy in a super fun, relaxed environment.  "The Rocket" is a Basic Sampler of our tactical courses and is fantastic for individuals that are new to U.S. Tactical and are unsure of where to start.

Happy Client Recommendation: "The Rocket is Excellent for people who don't have time for weekly self-defense training and it is FULL of information that most well trained individuals probably have never even considered."

(econ, utsmart, hoose, .I.S.S Self Defense, scape & Evade, akeout)


Survival School & Prepping 101 - (Network and Community)

  U.S. Tactical Control & Survival School is proud to present Prepping 101.  All of our standard prepping courses are 2.5 - 3 hours long and only cost between $50-$125 per person, depending on how many levels of certification are taught per event.  

(Any groups larger than ten and ALL 'IN NETWORK' students receive a 10% Discount on all standard classes).

Survival School & Prepping 101 

2 - 3 Hour Classes

Level I.  Practical Prepping for Beginners 

(Getting Started) - $135

Level II.  Bug Out vs. Bunkering

(Building the best B.O.B for your area) - $135

Level III.  Fight, Flight, or Hide

(Basic Self Defense and Escape & Evasion Tactics) - $135

Level IV.  Surviving The Ride 

(Vehicle Prepping & Car Jacking Defense) - $125

Level V.  The Perfect Prep 

(How to Build a Functioning Network & Community) - $150



Resourcefulness / Survival Skill Clinics

  At U.S. Tactical Control we believe that resourcefulness is your greatest resource.  Join us in preparing for the worst, so that you have peace of mind that others don't have, when the SHTF.

Each Specialized Clinic is Only $100 per class. (Network members $75) Each clinic lasts 2hrs.

Sample clinics: Basic Emergency & Survival First Aid, Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills, Organizing and Prioritizing Preps, Emergency and EDC Bag Building, Permaculture (Survival Gardening), Picking the best Bug Out areas for your Family (situational), Butchering, Rustic Cooking, Food Preservation, Map Reading, Escaping Captivity...etc.


Ladies Empowerment Classes

Ladies Empowerment

3 Hour Classes

Level I.    Basic Self Defense 

(Basic Defense & The True Path to Empowerment Seminar) - $125

Level II.   Mega Mom 

(Complete Family Safety When There is No Back-Up) - $150

Level III.  Look Don't Touch! 

(Rape Prevention & Diffusion) - $150

Level IV.   The Modern Day Woman's Survival Guide (Surviving The Urban Jungle) - $175


Children's Tactical Classes

Tactical Curriculum for Children

1.5 Hour Classes on average

Designed to be Fun & Educational

'Get Smart'   

Child Abduction Prevention, Awareness and Stun-n-Run Techniques, Includes Free Child I.D. Kit. - $150

'Alone in the Wilderness'   

 Survival Fundamentals - $135

'The Great Escape'  

  Escape & Evasion geared for kids - $135

'The Rocket Jr'   

 4 hour Personal Safety & Defense Training - $225


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